English Speech Teacher Workshop2019が開催されました。


On June 15th we held our first annual English Speech - Teacher Workshop.
The purpose of the event was to help teachers with various items pertaining to English Speech preparations and performances. In addition, the workshop also aimed to help teachers strengthen their school's speech program.

Although the members were few in numbers, they were mighty in results. Discussions were held concerning speech themes, research, information organization, and the writing of speeches. The unique mix of members helped to produce creative purpose filled results.

This workshop was created to run as a precursor to the speech clinics that will be held on July 21st and September 21st, and to the high school speech competition on November 17th. The speech clinics are open to junior and senior high school students, but the competition is reserved for high school students only.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining one or all of the events, then please read this website for more information, or feel free to contact us anytime at the university.


Douglas Parkin

email: parkin@y-gakugei.ac.jp

call: 083-972-3288